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Katmandoo Version Tracker


Version tracker documents all the changes in Katmandoo.
For the latest build of Katmandoo (using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition), please visit: http://katmandoo.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=36

For online help, please visit http://www.katmandoo.org/Help/Index.htm or you can download the latest compiled-help from http://www.katmandoo.org/Update/Katmandoo2.chm.

After downloading Katmandoo2.chm file, you (may!) need to "Unblock" the file. Right click on "Katmandoo2.chm" and click on "Properties" menu and then click on "Unblock" as shown in the attached snapshot.
Unblock Katmandoo2.chm to Run

Version Tracker

Version refer to the version (displayed in the Login form) of the system file (Katmandoo2.GUI.exe).
Date Author Version Change Reference
28/02/2008 Katmandoo development team 2.1.0801.11
  • Distributed with installation package.
31/03/2008 Avishesh Shrestha 2.1.0806.04
10/06/2008 Avishesh Shrestha 2.2.0806.01
  • Katmandoo is modified so that it can use SQL Server 2000/MSDE as well as MySQL 5.1 or later databases. 
  • Trial Navigator and Trial AOV Navigator has additional options to build their nodes.
22/08/2008 Avishesh Shrestha 2.2.0808.11
24/11/2008 Avishesh Shrestha 2.2.0808.14
21/01/2009 Avishesh Shrestha
08/05/2009 Avishesh Shrestha
18/08/2009 Avishesh Shrestha
22/12/2009 Avishesh Shrestha
  • Please click here for the changes in this version.

Bugs/Problems Fixed

Bug Description Version Comment
When more than 255 characters entered in Virtual Column description, Katmandoo reset values of all the columns to empty string (null).  2.2.0808.12 This bug is fixed.
Trait with String data type does not implicitly accept Missing Value (NA) or case-insensitive value. 2.2.0808.14 This problem is fixed.
Bulk Insert module generates error if a temporary text file to perform bulk-insert operation could not be performed. This bug is fixed.
Tooltip is not displayed when EnableBalloonTips is set to 0 (ie false) for Internet Explorer This bug is fixed by updating EnableBalloonTips = 1 (ie true) in the registry of Windows Operating system.
Export raw data fails when the trial does not have data for all the trial unit This bug is fixed. Please download v2.2.09.08 or later and run Upgrade database to fix this bug.
Failed to display .xlsx files on Open and save dialog when using 64 Bit Operating System This bug is fixed. Please download v2.2.10.02 or later.
Displaying value length error when importing Trial containing Sample Entry Number Column This bug is fixed. Please download v2.2.10.02 or later.
Pedigree Column Ignored when importing Non-Parsed Pedigrees using Genotype Import Wizard This bug is fixed. Please download v2.2.10.02 or later.
Update GenotypeName and Selection History Using GenotypeId could not find parent ids unless they were in the import list This bug is fixed. Please download v2.2.10.02 or later.

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