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Sample Type (of Raw data)


Sample type is a text descriptor that identifies the origin of a Sample Measurement. For example,
If no sample type is specified, Katmandoo assigns an Unknown Sample Type.


Unknown Sample Type

The SampleType table has a record for Unknown Sample Type (Sample Type Name = Unknown Sample Type) which can be used when the sample type information is not available.

The string value of the "UnknownSampleTypeName" key in the .config file must match the Unknown Sample Type record in the Sample Type table. Please read important information before making any changes in the config file.
    <!-- UNKNOWN Sample type -->
        <add key="UnknownSampleTypeName" value="UNKNOWN SAMPLE TYPE" />


Table Structure

Column Name Description
SampleTypeId (PK) Identification Number that uniquely identifies a kind of sample
SampleTypeName (AK) Name that uniquely identifies a kind of sample 

Main Form

Use [ Task > Trial > Raw data > Manage Sample Type ] to load Sample Type Main Form with all the Sample types in the database.
Illustrative snapshot:
SampleType Main Form (Click it to change its size)

Setup Form

To add/edit an Sample type, follow the steps below :
Illustrative snapshot:
Sample Type Setup Form (Click it to change its size)

Export / Import


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