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Import Raw data using KollecTrait output file


Raw data (Sample measurements) can be imported into database using the output file generated by KollecTrait.

Click here to import raw data that is not generated by KollecTrait.

Important Note:


Click here for more information on pre-requisite and following are the additional requirements.

First Page of the Wizard

This wizard can be activated from following two forms: It has following option:
The first page of the import wizard changes as per the selected option (above) but the second page is same for all the options.

Import Raw data of ONLY ONE trial using KollecTrait output file

Illustrative snapshot:
First page of Import Raw data of a Trial using KollecTrait outoput file (Click it to change its size)
  1. Selected option to import new raw data of one or more trials.
  2. Select source file. If Excel file is selected, then select worksheet of the source file that contains the trial design with raw data.
  3. If the source file has raw data that may already exists in the database (and you want to overwrite) then select this option.
  4. If the source file has new raw data only that does not exist in the database then select this option.
  5. Column Name mapping.
  6. Trait Name suffixed with Trait Instance Number (in DTH__1, DTH is the trait and 1 is the instance number).
  7. Mapped Trait Name used in the database
  8. Instance number separated from trait name
    • Since the Instance number is suffixed with trait name (6), Instance number is mapped (8) in the Trait Name Mapping datagrid.

Second (Preview) Page of the Wizard

The default order of columns displayed can be changed by editing the column list of the Misc Group TrialUnitSetupDataGrid.
Illustrative snapshot:
Second (Preview) page of the Wizard (Click it to change its size)
  1. SourceFileRowIndex: Use it to find the row in the source file.
  2. Raw data (4) is displayed for this selected row.
  3. Unit Position Text: Though the design factors are displayed in a single column, it will be splitted into columns when exporting data.
  4. Raw data is displayed for the selected row (2) in the preview datagrid.

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