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Export datafile for KollecTrait using Katmandoo


KollecTrait uses XML-based datafile which can be exported from Katmandoo.


The trial design of the trial must exist in Katmandoo to export datafile for KollecTrait.

Export datafile for KollecTrait

This form can be activated from following two forms: It has following option:
The page of the export wizard changes as per the selected option (above) (this wizard has just one page).

Export datafile for KollecTrait

Select Export data file for KollecTrait option in the wizard. 
Illustrative snapshot:
Preparing to export data file for KollecTrait (Click it to change its size)
  1. Selected option to export datafile for KollecTrait.
  2. Info of the selected trial
  3. [ Available Traits ] that can be added to [ Included Traits ] list.
  4. Info of the [ Included Traits ] only are exported along with trial info, genotype info and trial design.
  5. Click it to export data file for KollecTrait.

KollecTrait datafile format

The XML-based data file has following sections

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