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Database Tools


Katmandoo has following database tools in the [ Tools > Database ] menu:

Compact (Shrink) Current Database

Use [ Tools > Database > Compact (shrink) Current Database ] when you are absolutely sure that you do not need to rollback any previous transactions of the currently selected database because this process deletes all the transaction log to shrink the database. 

This task also resets next value for all the Auto-number columns in the Current database. 

Clone Database

Use [ Tools > Database > Clone Database ] to physically clone an currently selected database database and attached to the same database server.
Illustrative snapshot:
 Clone Database
  1. Current database use. This database will be cloned.
  2. Enter new database name (using the suggested naming guideline).
  3. Enter login name. If the database is located in your computer enter [ sa ]. The login name is used to connect to the database (so its not your login or user name).
  4. Enter login password. If the database is located in your computer enter [ rescue12 ] (assuming that the database password has not been change).
  5. Click it to clone the current database (ie "KBDMS_PlantAgronomy").
Important Note: Please make sure that the current database is NOT used by any other user or programs in your computer (except Katmandoo). If the "new database name" already exist, then the process will fail.

Upgrade Current Database Schema

Use [ Tools > Database > Upgrade Current Database Schema ] to run upgrade a Katmandoo database to its latest schema. If you are not sure, then you can re-run this taks as Katmandoo upgrade only those schema that have not been upgraded yet.

Click on "Yes" on following dialog.
Upgrade Database

If the database has already been upgraded, following dialog will appear. Click on "Yes" to continue to upgrade.
Upgrade Database reconfirm

Once the database is upgraded successfully, Katmandoo would confirm whether to compact the database as well. Click on "Yes". Upgrade Database and compact

Execute SQL Script

Use [ Tools > Database > Execute SQL Script in Current Database ] to run data manipulation script to fix data in the currently selected database. It should be used ONLY to execute the SQL Script created by the Katmandoo Project team.


 Execute SQL Script

Switch Database

Use [ Tools > Database > Switch Database ] to display login form to change current database. The login form allows user to change the database name using his/her user name and password. User can click on [ Cancel ] in the login form to terminate the process and return to Katmandoo.

Suppose, a user has logged into Katmandoo using database "Katmandoo2_2". To switch to another database "Katmandoo2Demo" (or any other database available), user can use [ Tools > Database > Switch Database ].

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