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Site Year


In Katmandoo, Site year record is created for each site for the year when there is a trial in the site. For example, if a site has trial in 2001 and 2005, then site year record for 2001 and 2005 only are added into the database.

Site Year can be added using one of the following processes;


Site Year

Year when the trial was done in the site. So, site year record for a year must exist before trial for the year in the site can be added in the database.

Site year should be in between start year of the Sub-system and Current Year of the Sub-system.

Note: Import Trial adds Site year records as required.

Site Manager

A site can have more than one site manager in a year. For the agronomy trials, the site manager is either cooperator or owner of the site.When a new site year is added, the current site manager of the site is used as default site manager for the year but it can be changed as required.

Meteorology Station

Each site year record has a meteorology station which is used to provide meterology information. When a new site year is added, the current meteorology station of the site is used as default meteorology station for the site but it can be changed as required.

Annual Rainfall information

The rainfall information are stored as factor data in the SiteYearFactor table.

The rain fall information can be entered in the second page of the Site Year Setup Form.

Table Structure

Column Name Description
SiteYearId (PK) Identification Number that uniquely identifies a Site Year Row (Site Id + SiteYear + TrialManagerId).
SiteId (AK1) Id that identifies the site of the site year record.
SiteYear (AK1) Year in which is done on this site.
SiteManagerId (AK1) Id that identifies the site manager of the site for the year.
MetStationId (FK) Id that identifies the meteorology station used for the year.

Alternate Key (AK1):
Site + Year + Site Manager uniquely identifies a site year.

The database has SiteYearFactor table that is used to store data of Virtual columns (such as annual rainfall information) for site year.

Pre-requisite to add a site year

Following information must exist before a site year records can be added into the database.


Click here for the information on site navigator.

Main Form

To display site years in the Site Year Main Form, follow the steps below:
Illustrative snapshot:
Main Form of Site Year (Click it to change its size)
  1. The selected site node (ie Cowra Research Station) in the Site Navigator.
  2. The Site Year Main Form is displaying the site year for the selected site (Cowra Research Station).
    • Use [ View > Arrange columns in Main Form ] to change default order of displayed. Alternately it can be changed by editing the column list of the Misc Group SiteYearSetupDataGrid.
    • Click here for an illustration of the main form template.
  3. Site Year subform displays Virtual column information of the selected site year (ie Cowra Research Station and 2007 in the snapshot).
  4. Datagrid (read-only) displays trials of the selected site year (2007) of Cowra Research Station.

Setup Form

To add/edit a site year record, follow the steps below :
Illustrative snapshot:
Setup Form of Site Year (Click it to change its size)
  1. Site Name can not be edited since it is taken from the site node selected in the site navigator.
  2. Site Year for which the site year record of the site (ie "Cown Research Station") is added. It is can not be changed (so disabled) in the snapshot because at least one trial of the site year exist in the database.
  3. Site Manager (ie of the Site for the year 2007. Click on Apply Filter (Apply Filter) to narrow the list. Click Reload From Database to to reload the Contacts from the database.
  4. Meteorology Station of the Site for the year 2007. Click on Apply Filter(Apply Filter) to narrow the list. Click Reload From Database to reload the Meteorology Station from the database.
  5. Virtual column name (in second step of the wizard). Click here for information on the Virtual column data entry data grid.
    • Important Note: If there is not any virtual column for SiteYearFactor table, then second page is disabled.
  6. A value for the displayed Virtual column can be entered on this part of the data grid.

Merge Site Year data

To merge data of a site year record (Site + Year + Site Manager) into another site year record, use Use [ Record > Merge Site Year Data ] in the  Site Year main form.

Because of the trial acronym structure, merging site year within Site and Year only is allowed. As shown in the following snapshot, "BIRCHIP CROPPING GROUP | 2001 | UNKNOWN XXX@UNKN0" is being merged into "BIRCHIP CROPPING GROUP | 2001 | BIRCHIP CROPPING GROUP XXX". In this case the site year record is different by the Site Manager only.
Illustrative snapshot:
Merge Site Year Data
  1. Read this important note!
  2. Master Site Year is the one that will hold data of the Slave Site Year.
  3. Master SiteYearId replaces all the Slave SiteYearIds in the database.
  4. Slave Site Year.
  5. Slave SiteYearId
  6. Authorised token
  7. User must enter the exact authorised token (case-sensitive) to merge data
    • Tips: Copy the token to a text file. Next time, copy the token from the text file and pasting here.
  8. After carefully entering all the required information, click [ Merge... ] button. 

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