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In Katmandoo,it is the location of site, Contact or Meteorology Station.

Important Note: The location information used in the database are based on the Australia Post database but the table has only those locations that have trials stored in database. So, it is highly recommended to add any new location using the information from the Australia Post database.

Visit www.ga.gov.au/map/names to find latitude and longitude of the location in Australia.


Unknown Location

The location table has a record for Unknown Location (Location Name = Unknown Location and Location Acronym = UNKN0) which can be used when the location information is not available.

The string value of the "UnknownLocationAcronym" key in the .config file must match the Unknown Location record in the location table. Please read important information before making any changes in the config file.
    <!-- An Unknown location acronym -->
    <add key="UnknownLocationAcronym" value="UNKN0" />

Location Acronym

The location acronym has five characters and it uniquely identifies a location. It is recommended to use four characters from the location name and remaining last character from the first character of the postcode to create location acronym.

When a new location is added, the location acronym is generated by the system but it can be changed as required. While importing location, the location acronym is generated by the system if the source file does not have the location acronym for a location.

Location is the default Trial Acronym Suffix for the site at the location.

Latitude and Longitude

The Latitude and Longitude of Locations are used by the Contact Navigator, Site Navigator and Meteorology Station Navigator to perform map-based search in the database. Though these values are optional, it is strongly recommended to enter these values so that the map-based search can be used in the navigator (as shown below).
Illustrative snapshot:
Map based search Form (Click it to change its size)
  1. Click on the button to activate the map-based-search form.
  2. Displays current latitude of the cursor position in the map.
  3. Displays current longitude of the cursor position in the map.
  4. The surrounding area (km) determine the radius of the circle when click on the map (in this example, its "400").
  5. In this example, the area in which the location will be searched to display in the Contact Navigator. If a location does not have latitude or longitude then the location is excluded from the search.
How is Latitude and Longitude managed in Katmandoo?
When Latitude and Longitude is entered for an existing or a new Location, Katmandoo checks whether the Latitude and Longitude already exist in the GeoCoordinate table. If it does, then GeoCoordinateId is updated for the Location record. If not, a new record is created in the GeoCoordinate table with given Latitude and Longitude. Then new GeoCoordinateId is updated for the Location record.

Table Structure

Column Name Description
LocationId (PK) Identification Number that uniquely identifies a location used in the system.
LocationName (AK1) Name that identifies a location in a country.
LocationPostcode (AK1) PostCode or ZipCode of the Location and is used to uniquely identify a location in a postcode.
LocationAcronym (AK2) An acronym that uniquely identifies a location name.
GeoCoordinateId (FK) Id that reference to the Latitude and Longitude in the GeoCoordinate table.

Main Form

Use [ Task > Trial > Site > Manage Location ] to load Location Main Form with all the locations in the database.
Illustrative snapshot:
Main Form of Location (Click it to change its size)
  1. Location Main Form displaying all the locations that are stored in the database.
    • Use [ View > Arrange columns in Main Form ] to change default order of displayed. Alternately it can be changed by editing the column list of the Misc Group LocationSetupDataGrid.
    • Click here for an illustration of the main form template.
  2. Sites which are located in the selected location (ie "Cowra" is the snapshot)
  3. Location subform displays Virtual column information of the selected location (ie "Cowra" in the snapshot).

Setup Form

To add/edit a location, follow the steps below :  Setup Form of Location (Click it to change its size)
  1. Location name and postcode are disabled since the location has dependant data. Click here for information on editing restricted value.
  2. Location Acronym
  3. Location Latitude and Longitude
  4. Virtual column name (in second step of the wizard). Click here for information on the Virtual column data entry data grid.
    • Important Note: If there is not any virtual column for LocationFactor table, then second page is disabled.
  5. A value for the displayed Virtual column can be entered on this part of the data grid.

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