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In Katmandoo,GeoCoordinate records latitude, longitude and altitude of a point (place). It is used by Location, Trial and Trial Unit.


Latitude and Longitude

The Latitude and Longitude of GeoCoordinates uniquely identifies a point (place).

Latitude and Longitude are added in Katmandoo by following processes:

Table Structure

Column Name Description
GeoCoordinateId (PK) Identification Number that uniquely identifies a GeoCoordinate.
Latitude (AK1) Latitude in decimal degree, use -ve for south (PointX)
Longitude (AK1) Longitude in decimal degree, use -ve for west (PointY)
Altitude Altitude of the GeoCoordinate in meter.
GeoCoordinateNote Note of the GeoCoordinate.

Main Form

Use [ Task > Trial > Site > Manage GeoCoordinate ] to load GeoCoordinate Main Form with all the geocoordinates in the database.
Illustrative snapshot:
Main Form of GeoCoordinate (Click it to change its size)
  1. GeoCoordinate subform displays Virtual column information of the selected geocoordinate record.
  2. GeoCoordinate Main Form displaying all the geocoordinates that are stored in the database.
    • Use [ View > Arrange columns in Main Form ] to change default order of displayed. Alternately it can be changed by editing the column list of the Misc Group GeoCoordinateSetupDataGrid.
    • Click here for an illustration of the main form template.
  3. Locations that are located in the selected geocoordinate.
  4. Trials that are located in the selected geocoordinate.

Setup Form

To add/edit a geocoordinate, follow the steps below :  Setup Form of GeoCoordinate (Click it to change its size)
  1. Latitude and Longitude are disabled since the GeoCoordinate has dependant data (in Location, Trial or Trial Unit table/s). It can not be changed.
  2. Altitude (in meter).
  3. Any note of the GeoCoordinate (can have upto 6000 characters)
  4. Virtual column name (in second step of the wizard). Click here for information on the Virtual column data entry data grid.
    • Important Note: If there is not any virtual column for GeoCoordinateFactor table, then second page is disabled.
  5. A value for the displayed Virtual column can be entered on this part of the data grid.

Export / Import


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