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Organisation is defined in Katmandoo as group or company with which contacts or sources of seed are associated.

Depending upon the table it is used, it identifies different type of organisation.
Table Name What is Organisation used for?
Trial Unit (Design) Organisation is as sample supplier for the trial units of the trial.
Genotype Organisation is used as Origin of the genotype ie the Organisation which owns the genotype.
Contact Organisation is the employer of the contact in this table.


Unknown Organisation

The organisation table has a record for (Organisation Name = Unknown Organisation) which can be used when the organisation information is not avaiable. 

The string value of the "UnknownOrganisationName" key in the .config file must match the Unknown Organisation record in the organisation table. Please read important information before making any changes in the config file.
    <!-- An UNKNOWN sample supplier / seed source -->
    <add key="UnknownOrganisationName" value="UNKNOWN ORGANISATION" />

Table Structure

Column Name Description
OrganisationId (PK) Identification Number to uniquely identifies a company/organisation.
OrganisationName (AK) Name that uniquely identifies an organisation.

Main Form

Use [ Task > Contact > Manage Organisation ] to load Organisation Main Form with all the organisations in the database.
Illustrative snapshot:
Organisation Main Form (Click it to change its size)
  1. Organiastion Main Form displaying the organiastions matching the filter condition (2).
    • Click here for an illustration of the main form template.
  2. The Organisation Main Form is filtered on [ "Organisation Name" "Contains Word" "dpi" ].
  3. Contact Form displaying the contacts/employees of the  the selected organisation in the Organisation Main Form ("NSW DPI" in the snapshot).

Setup Form

To add/edit an organisation, follow the steps below :
Illustrative snapshot:
Organisation Setup Form (Click it to change its size)

  1. Organisation Setup Form
  2. Since this selected organisation have dependant data (as display in the popup message), the organisation name text box is disabled. (The administrator can edit Organisation Name by clicking on [ Remove Restriction ] button which enables the text boxe so it can be edited).
  3. The popup message displaying message that the selected organisation ("NSW DPI" in this snapshot) has 11 dependant contact records and 44 dependant genotype records.

Merge Organisation

To merge data of a organisation into another organisation, use [ Record > Merge Organisation data ] in the  Organisation main form.
Illustrative snapshot:
Merge Organisation
  1. Read this important note!
  2. Master Organisation is the one that will hold data of the Slave Organisation.
  3. Master OrganisationId replaces all the Slave OrganisationIds in the database.
  4. Slave Organisation is saved as an alias of Master Organisation.
  5. Slave OrganisationId.
  6. Authorised token.
  7. User must enter the exact authorised token (case-sensitive) to merge data.
    • Tips: Copy the token to a text file. Next time, copy the token from the text file and paste here and just change the Id.
  8. After carefully entering all the required information, click [ Merge... ] button. 

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