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Help documenetation provides comprehensive information of Katmandoo . It also has tutorial to help using different component of the system.

Some issues:


Illustrative snapshot (Toolbar):
Important Note: Image on top are the buttons from Internet Explorer where as the image at buttom is the snapshot of the Compiled HTML Help (CHM).

Help Toolbar
  1. Show/hide Navigation Pane (8)
  2. Click on [ Back ] or press [ Backspace ] to go to previous page.
  3. Click to [ Forward to previously visited page ]
  4. Click to change Font Size of the displayed page (9).
    • For Internet Explorer use [ View > Text Size ].
  5. Click to print the displayed page (9).
  6. Click to go default Startup Page.
  7. Click to expand or close the navigation group.
  8. Use one of the tab to search keyword to quickly find the help page.
  9. Currently displayed page.
Illustrative snapshot (page):
Help File Structure
  1. Quick links for:.
  2. Help page heading
  3. The [ + ] indicates that the section is collapsed. Click it to expand the section. Text of the collapse section is neither displayed in the screen or printed by the printer.
  4. The [ - ] indicates that the section is expanded. Click it to collapse the section.
  5. Click the link to navigate to the page.
  6. Click image in the page to enlarge to its original size. Click again to reduce to the original displayed size.
  7. See Also section displays useful link related to the displayed page.

Code & Example

Following snapshot demonstrates the code and example that are displayed in the help page.

Using Help Code  
  1. The XML configuration from the .config file.

See Also