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.config File

Click here for Config File.


Katmandoo is designed to be case-insensitive ie the value with any case treated as the same value such as Katmandoo , KATMANDOO is treated as same as katManDOO.

But following are exception, in which the value is case-sensitive.


The datagrid is used to display data in series of rows and column in the Main Form or Setup Form.

Click here for information on using Datagrid and some tips.

Database Properties

Primary Key

Primary key uniquely identifies a record in the table. It is used to maintain referential integrity between the parent and child tables which ensures that the primary key value of Parent table being used in the Child table as foreign key does exist in the Parent table.

Difference between Primary Key and Alternate Key used in Katmandoo database.
Primary Key Alternate Key
numeric (Integer or Decimal) value that is generated by the system to uniquely identifies a row in a table. Combination of one or more columns that uniquely identifies a row in a table.
Only one column. One or more column with at least one String column.
The table is physically sorted by the primary key. Alternate Key does not physically sort the table.
Is used to establish relationship between the tables. It is not used to create relationship between the tables.

Table Name Primary Key Alternate Key
Site SiteId SiteName
Trial TrialId SiteId + SiteYear + TrialTypeId + TrialNumber

Alternate Key

Alternate key uniquely identifies a record in the table. While importing data from an external source file, the alternate keys are used find the data in the respective tables (rather than using the Primary Key which is a numeric value generated by the system).

Table Name Primary Key Alternate Key
Site SiteId SiteName
Trial TrialId SiteId + SiteYear + TrialTypeId + TrialNumber

While importing trial from an external source file, SiteName is used to find SiteId in the site table. If it exists, the SiteId is then used to find the trial in the database. If not, the import process will fail to force user to add the site name in the database.

Foreign Key

Foreign key is used to maintain referential integrity between the parent table and child table which means the child table can not use the Primary Key of the parent key if the Primary Key value does not exist in the parent table.

Table Name Primary Key Foreign Key
Trial Type TrialTypeId (eg 2.01)
Trial TrialId TrialTypeId

While adding trial record, database ensures tha the TrialTypeId 2.01 (used as Foreign Key in the Trial Table) does exist as the Primary Key value in the Trial Type table.

External Application

ASReml®: Following abstract is taken from ASReml official website.

"ASReml is a statistical package that fits linear mixed effects models using Residual Maximum Likelihood (REML) to provide a rich and flexible tool for the analysis of many data sets commonly arising in the agricultural, biological, medical and environmental sciences."

DiGGer: It is integrited with Katmandoo to generate randomised trial design. Katmandoo generates input file for DiGGer, run it and import trial design using the output file that is generated by DiGGer.

Pleaase contact Neil Coombes for further information and to obtain executable version of DiGGer.

Microsoft Excel®: The spreadsheet software is used as data entry interface in Katmandoo . data are exported into the Excel spreadsheet with the validation rule so that the data can be validated in the spreadsheet before it is uploaded into database.


When the filter as Search is used in Navigator and Quick Search, system retrieves data matching the filter condition only from the database.

When it is used as Filter in the Main Form, it justs filter the records in the computer memory that matches the filter condition ie the records are not reloaded from database.


KollecTrait is designed and developed to assist users to record trait score using PDA running on Windows-Mobile operating system.

It uses XML-based input file (that contains Trial, Trial Design, Trait and Sample type data) exported from Katmandoo. It can export the recorded trait score in CSV file that Katmandoo use to import raw data.

Load Navigator

Activate the navigator and then populate the navigator by providing the search criteria.

Microsoft Software

.NET Framework: Katmandoo is developed using .NET Framework 2.0 and its components. C# (C Sharp) is the programming language used to write code. For more information visit: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-au/netframework/default.aspx.

MSDE: It is acronym for Miscrosoft SQL Server Desktop Engine. For more information visit: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/prodinfo/previousversions/msde/prodinfo.mspx

SQL Server: Katmandoo uses SQL Server 2000 databases to store data. For more information visit: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/prodinfo/previousversions/faq-sql_on_vista.mspx.

Excel: Katmandoo can use Excel 2000 - Excel 2003 spreadsheets (workbook) file. Click here for Excel Spreadsheet Templates used in Katmandoo .


A node is an item in the Navigator. A node can be a parent node or child node.

When a node is clicked, data for the node is loaded in the main form.

Open File Dialog

Click here for Open File Dialog.

Regular Expression

Regular Expressions can be used as validation rule for System Column, Virtual Column and Trait of String data type to validate its data. Following webpages has helpful information on creating Regular Expressions.

System Column / Virtual
Column / Trait
Validation Rule Comments
State ^(NSW|VIC|SA|WA|TAS|NT|QLD|ACT)$ It acceps NSW, VIC, SA, WA, NT, QLD or ACT as state. Please note that its case-insensitive.
LeafColor ^(GREEN|DARKGREEN)$ It accepts only Green and DarkGreen word as color for trait LeafColor. Please note that its case-insensitive.
Telephone ^0(2|3|7|8)(\ ){1}[0-9]{4}(\ ){1}[0-9]{4}$
It accepts Australian residential telephone numbers only ie must starts with 02, 03, 07 or 08 and must be in following format (please note the spaces).
02 6391 3983
07 4688 1257

System Administrator

A system administrator is a user with all the permission to make any changes in the database. The default system administrator is dba.

How to grant System Administrator privilege to a user?


Click here the for TechDocument.

System Color

These are the valid color name that can be used in Katmandoo for GenotypeColor and other color colums.
(A-E) (F-L) (M-R) (S-Z)
AliceBlue Firebrick Magenta SaddleBrown
AntiqueWhite FloralWhite Maroon Salmon
Aqua ForestGreen MediumAquamarine SandyBrown
Aquamarine Fuchsia MediumBlue SeaGreen
Azure Gainsboro MediumOrchid SeaShell
Beige GhostWhite MediumPurple Sienna
Bisque Gold MediumSeaGreen Silver
Black Goldenrod MediumSlateBlue SkyBlue
BlanchedAlmond Gray MediumSpringGreen SlateBlue
Blue Green MediumTurquoise SlateGray
BlueViolet GreenYellow MediumVioletRed Snow
Brown Honeydew MidnightBlue SpringGreen
BurlyWood HotPink MintCream SteelBlue
CadetBlue IndianRed MistyRose Tan
Chartreuse Indigo Moccasin Teal
Chocolate Ivory NavajoWhite Thistle
Coral Khaki Navy Tomato
CornflowerBlue Lavender OldLace Turquoise
Cornsilk LavenderBlush Olive Violet
Crimson LawnGreen OliveDrab Wheat
Cyan LemonChiffon Orange White
DarkBlue LightBlue OrangeRed WhiteSmoke
DarkCyan LightCoral Orchid Yellow
DarkGoldenrod LightCyan PaleGoldenrod YellowGreen
DarkGray LightGoldenrodYellow PaleGreen
DarkGreen LightGray PaleTurquoise
DarkKhaki LightGreen PaleVioletRed
DarkMagenta LightPink PapayaWhip
DarkOliveGreen LightSalmon PeachPuff
DarkOrange LightSeaGreen Peru
DarkOrchid LightSkyBlue Pink
DarkRed LightSlateGray Plum
DarkSalmon LightSteelBlue PowderBlue
DarkSeaGreen LightYellow Purple
DarkSlateBlue Lime Red
DarkSlateGray LimeGreen RosyBrown
DarkTurquoise Linen RoyalBlue


Excel Speadsheet Template

While exporting data, the spreadsheet template file is cloned to create a new file which is then used by the Export Wizard to write data of the selected column in the wizard. Column (factor) information (such as description, validation rules etc.) is also exported into the "Factor__Info" worksheet of the cloned file.

When the workbook is opened, the worksheet will be formatted by the embedded code (in the file itself) using the column information in the "Factor__Info" worksheet. data validation will also be setup for columns that have validation rules available.

To delete the validation rules from the worksheet, follow these steps Where are the template files?
The <externalAppSettings> section of .config file has following entries for template file which are in the "Template" folder of Katmandoo (eg C:\Program Files\Katmandoo2\Template):

Please note:

Templates in Katmandoo

Using Help

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