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Export Wizard


It provides a common interface for exporting various types of data to a file specified by the user. The first page of the wizard allows selection of columns to export, the data to be exported can be previewed prior to export in the second page of the Wizard.

The export options of the wizard allow data to be exported in different file types.

First page of the Export Wizard

The First page of the wizard allows user to select columns to export data.
Illustrative snapshot:
First page of the Export Wizard (Click it to change its size)
  1. Available (Virtual) Columns lists system columns and/or virtual columns (from the selected data category ie "Contact" in this example) that are available for export.
  2. Included (Virtual) Columns lists system columns and/or virtual columns (subset of "Available (Virtual) Columns") data of these columns only will be exported to the specified file.
  3. Export File information
  4. Click it to show Export Options.
  5. Click it to move to preview page before exporting (where you can place multiple filters to view/export filtered data only!)..
  6. Clicking it to export data using the selected/entered parameters (ie Included (Virtual) ColumnsFile Name, and Export Options).

Second page of the Export Wizard

It is used to preview as well as filter data that will be exported into the given output file.
Illustrative snapshot:
 Second page of the Export Wizard (Click it to change its size)
  1. The displayed data can be filtered using multiple conditions ie only the filtered data will be exported.
    • In the snapshot, trial information for Site Name [Starts with] "b" AND Trial Number [Equals to] 1 only are exported.
  2. Click on a cell in the datagrid and then click this button to set freeze in the preview datagrid.
  3. Preview datagrid displays data that will be exported into the given file name. 
    • Note: By default, the datagrid is sorted using the first two columns in the [ Included... ] list.
  4. Note about missing value in the preview datagrid.
  5. Click [ Back ] to return to previous page to select columns.
  6. Clicking it to export data using the selected/entered parameters (ie Included (Virtual) ColumnsFile Name, and Export Options).

Export File Information

Illustrative snapshot:
Export Wizard File Information (Click it to change its size)
  1. Displays the folder (ei C:\data\Katmandoo\DataEntry\ ) where the file will be saved.
    • If all the folder path is not displayed, move cursor over the folder to display complete folder path in its tooltip.
  2. Worksheet name that is enabled when exporting data to Excel files (using Excel 95-2003 (for data Entry) and Excel 95-2003 (for Report) options only).
  3. Click on [ Show Options ] buttons to show/hide the worksheet name.
  4. File name to save the exported data for Excel 95-2003 (for data Entry).
  5. Click it to open the File Dialog Window where you can select a different folder, file type and enter new file name or select existing file name.
How to export to a new worksheet of MS Excel workbook that already has data?
  1. Select Excel 95-2003 (for data Entry) file type.
  2. Select an existing Excel file.
  3. Click on [ Show Options ] to enter worksheet name that does not exist in the target Excel file.
  4. Then click on [ Export ]. 

Export Options

Click on [ Show Options ] to display additional options available to export data.
Illustrative snapshot:
Export Options (Click it to change its size)

  1. Select a table to export its data. The column names that are listed in the Available (Virtual) Columns and Included (Virtual) Columns lists belongs to this table. 
  2. The listed Misc Groups have at least one column name (in its defined list) of the Available (Virtual) Columns names. Selecting a Misc Group adds its pre-selected system columns and/or virtual columns into the "Included (Virtual) Columns" list. If the Misc Group has any column names that are not listed in either list, then the column names will be excluded.
  3. Click [ Add Misc Group ] to run Misc Group Setup Form to add new Misc Group using the columns in the Included (Virtual) Columns.
  4. Update columns (in the Included (Virtual) Columns list) to change sorting order of the exported data.

Table Name to Export data

When a table name is selected in the drop down list (1 in the illustration below), the column names relevant to that table are listed in the "Available" and "Included" column lists. The wizard will default to the table name matching the current task, in some cases, the wizard will list more than one table names that are relevant to the current task.

Export File Type

Following file types in which data can be exported from Katmandoo.

Cancel Export Process

When export process is running, caption of the [ Close ] command button is changed to [ Cancel ]. In that stage, you can click on the [ Cancel ] button to cancel the export process and delete the file being created. User can make any changes as required and the click on [ Export ] without closing the [ Common Export Wizard ].

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