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Trial Analysis of Variance (Trial AOV)


This subset of the database structure manages the (results of) analyses of single experiments. Raw data at the sampling unit level would typically be subject to some form of statistical analysis to estimate the efficacy of applied treatments and associated measures of precision.


Katmandoo stores the results of statistical analyses of individual experients at two levels:

Experiment (Trial AOV Summary)

Experiment level summaries:
Of these, all are optional except the statistical model; this is a required field as it is used to differentiate between alternate analyses of the same data, for example, inclusion/exclusion of a covariate.

Treatment (Genotype AOV Mean)

Treatment level information

Table Structure

Column Name Description
TrialAnalysisId (PK) Identification Number that uniquely identifies a Trial Analysis of a trial.
StatisticalModel (AK) Text representation of model formula (with covariate information)
AnalystId (FK) Id that identifies te analyst (contact) who analysed data.
TraitId Id that identifies the analysed trait.
InstanceNo Instance is number of occurance of the Trait for a trial in a day.


The following information must exist before a Trial AOV can be added into the database.
Note: Although Unknown Contact can be used, it is preferable to add the Analyst information before importing a new Trial AOV. This avoids changing at a later date.


The Trial AOV Navigator allows the user to quickly find data for analysis of single trials. The nodes of the navigator are generated using the Year and Site Name which are retrieved from the database. The nodes are sorted into Year order.

Use [ Task > Phenotype > Analysis > Manage Analysis of Variance (AOV)] to activate the AOV navigator.
Important Note: Katmandoo automatically selects the option and node that were selected last time (ie before closing the navigator or Katmadoo).

Please note that Analysis of Variance node of the Trial Navigator also allows to view AOV data but on read-only mode only!
Illustrative snapshot:
Trial AOV Navigator (Click it to change its size)
  1. Year (of Year Node) on which there is at least one trial record.
  2. Site Name (of Site Node) that has at least one trial in the year (of the year node).
  3. When the site node is clicked, all the AOVs for the Site + Year (Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute and 2007 respectively in the snapshot) are displayed in the Trial AOV main form.

Main Form

To display Trial AOVs in the Trial AOV Main Form, follow the steps below:
Illustrative snapshot:
Trial AOV Main Form (Click it to change its size)
  1. Trial AOV Navigator with selected site node Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute.
  2. Trial AOV Main Form displaying the Trial AOVs of the selected site + year. 
    • Use [ View > Arrange columns in Main Form ] to change default order of displayed. Alternately it can be changed by editing the column list of the Misc Group TrialAnalysisSetupDataGrid.
    • Click here for an illustration of the main form template.
  3. Trial AOV subform displays Virtual column information of the selected Trial AOV.
  4. AOV Summary datagid displays the mean values of the selected trial analysis in the Trial AOV Main Form.
  5. Genotype AOV Mean datagrid displays average mean of genotype for the selected AOV Summary of the Trial AOV.
  6. AOV Summary subform displays Virtual column information of the selected Trial AOV Summary.

Setup Form

Trial AOV can be added by importing from the external source file only.

To edit a Trial AOV, follow the steps below :
Illustrative snapshot:
Setup Form of Trial AOV (Click it to change its size)
  1. Trial Information of the selected Trial AOV.
  2. Statistical Model of the Trial AOV is disabled as the Trial AOV has dependant data. Click here for information on editing restricted value.
  3. Analyst Name
  4. Analysis done date
  5. Entry any note of the Trial AOV
  6. Click it to remove restriction. Click here for information on editing restricted value.
  7. Trial Analysis Virtual column name (in second step of the wizard) can be selected from the combobox. Click here for information on the virtual column data entry datagrid.
    • Important Note: If there is not any virtual column for TrialAnalysisFactor table, then second page is disabled.
  8. A value for the displayed virtual column can be entered on this part of the data grid.

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