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Quick Start Guide


This Quick start guide (QGS) has been set up as a guide to help you start using Katmandoo.
The QSG will work through the processes demonstrating how to add Data and how to configure Katmandoo to your organisation needs.
The QSG uses Demonstration data that has been installed in the Katmandoo files in the “DemoData” folder,  (…Katmandoo\DemoData).
(The data in these files are for demonstration purposes only)

For the purpose of this guide we will login using the “Katmandoo2_2” Data base at login and use the default login
User Name;    dba
Password;        rescue12

After login in please take a few minutes to explore the basic layout of Katmandoo.

Looking at “Tools Menu” will give you an introduction to the main screen and the various Menus and controls.

It is important to famimlarize yourself with the Navigators, these are shortcuts to the marjor screens in Katmandoo. (see link below)

The Navigators will be referred to though out the tutorial.

The Guide will begin with setting up a new Sub-system and will finish by setting up a new system user so you can login using your own user Name and password.

The Quick Start Guide does not cover all the different tools and options that Katmandoo has. To read a more detailed induction please refer to Help Manual.

The Help manual can be accessed by pressing the "F1" button on your keyboard at any time while you are in Katmandoo. This will bring up the help menu for the screen you are currently in.


Login screen - User login to start

Main Menu

Tools Menus More detailed information of the Main start up screen and Katmandoo menus, operations and functions


Navigators - Search facilaties

Add a New Sub System and System User Id

To  add a new sub system we have to copy the data from the "template sub-system"
The system has been setup with a template database "Sub-system template". In this tutorial  we will add a Sub-system called Demo.
Click on this link to  Add a new Sub-system.Once we have added  a new Sub-system we can add the required data in to the Demo Sub-system so we can setup a system User Id.
This will enable a user to log into Katmandoo at start up under their own login name and password and with the appropriate level of security set for that user.

This reqires us to  Add a system user . We have to add "user data"  to be able to add the new user.

The first step in adding a system user is to add the users details, this can included the oranganisation, location (we can use the default "unknown" if we want), and other details if required.
In this case we will add a single oranganisation and location for demostration purpose. Later on we will demonstrate bulk imports of this data.

  1. The organization that the user is from, Add Single Organization. (note organizations can be imported as a bulk import see, Bulk Import organizations)
  2. The Location of the user, Add Single Location (note the Locations can be imported as a bulk import see, Bulk Import Locations)
Note : Katmandoo has been setup to use Location as a main working tool. Each trial Unit is linked to a location using its site.

Once this information has been added we can Add system User.

Add Trial Data

Before we can add trial data we must add an organization, location and a site of the Trial Unit
We also need to have Genotypes, before we can add Trial sample data. see Import Genotypes

Then we can use following processes to import/export trial data.

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