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Login Screen


Enable each user to be setup with own pasword and security level.

Main Login Form


At the start up of Katmandoo we first have to login to the system/Database

Data base server:         Displays which database server will be used.

                                    Default                        MSSQL$KATMANDOO2005

Database:                    The Database Katmandoo will operate on

                                    Default                        Katmandoo2_2

User Name:                 Name of the user to use to log in on

                                    Default                        dba

Password:                    Password for user.

                                    Default                        rescue12

Click on Login Button

This will bring up the Main Screen

Startup Form (Click it to change its size)

There is are three (3) default databases  provided to you when Katmandoo is installed
1    Katmandoo2_2                   (Standard Blank database)
2    Katmandoo2_2_Sample     (this has sample data added for demonstration purpose)
3     Katmandoo2_2_Blank      (Standard Blank database to use as a new clean database if required)

After login for the first time is advisable to add a Sub-system and add System User details with login UserName and Password.

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