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KollecTrait Version Tracker


Version tracker documents all the changes since the beta release of Katmandoo in September 2009.

For the latest build of KollecTrait for Windows Mobile, please visit: http://katmandoo.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=45

For online help, please visit http://www.katmandoo.org/Help/Index.htm or you can download the latest compiled-help from http://www.katmandoo.org/Update/Katmandoo2.chm.

Version Tracker

Version refer to the version of the system file (Katmandoo2.KTCommon.dll).
Date Author Version Change Reference
04/09/2009 Katmandoo development team
  • Beta version of KollecTrait released.
21/09/2009 Avishesh Shrestha
  • Additional options (Use trait captions for buttons, Show Soft Input Panel, Show Rep and Instance in Score Page) are added in the Prep Page.
22/12/2009 Avishesh Shrestha
  • [ Menu > Search / Filter ] allows user to search or filter trial units using Genotype,  Pedigree, Rep or one of the Unit Position.
  • [ Menu > Export in CSV ] displays SaveDialog that allows to change file name and folder.
  • [ Menu > Show Scores ] displays all the raw data of the current Trial Unit. This form also allows user to delete selected score of the current trial unit.
  • [ Back color ] is added in the [ Trial ] page to allow user to select different background/foreground colors, specially useful when dark-contrast color is needed.
  • [ Rep n ] (n=1, 2...n) is added in the [ Score ] page so that user can click to jump to the next replicate of the same genotype in the trial.
  • [ Menu > Trait > Repeat Trait ] added to allow user to create a new trait using the selected trait in the [ Trait ] page.

Bugs/Problems Fixed

Bug Description Version Comment
Sequence number generation does to work as expected when a word (eg "Row") is used for more than once unit position name. This bug has been fixed.

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