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Katmandoo collect trait (KollecTrait)


KollecTrait is developed to allow user to record trait score using PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) that operates on Pocket PC 2003 or later, Window Mobile 5 or later Operating system. It uses buttons rather than Soft Input Panel to allows user to record trait scores in few taps (clicks).

Click here for short tutorials.

Click here for changes in KollecTrait.

It is integrated with Katmandoo so that user can export datafile for the application and once raw data is recorded, it can generate output file that can be imported into Katmandoo without any alteration.

We would like to thank Colin Cavanagh1, Marcus Newberry1, David Luckett2, Guangdi Li2 and Michael Hassal3 for their feedback during development and testing of KollecTrait.

1CSIRO Plant Industries, Canberra
2NSW Department of Primary Industries, Wagga Wagga
3QLD Primary Industries and Fisheries, Toowoomba

Please contact Michael Hassal for any help on this application.

Installation Guide

For PDA with Window Mobile 5 or later Operating system, you can download the installation package from [ Download > KollecTrait 2.2 ] section of Katmandoo forum and copy the cab file to the PDA. Then open "File Explorer" in PDA and click on the cab file and follow the screen prompts.

But for PDA with Windows CE 4.0 or later, Pocket PC 2003 or later operating systems, please contact Michael Hassal for the installation package and assistance to install KollecTrait.

Since KollecTrait is developed using .NET Compact Framework 2.0, it can not be installed in iPhone/iPod Touch or Palm handheld devices.

User Interface

KollecTrait user interface is based on four major components as shown below and has following tabbed-pages:
Illustrative snapshot:
KollecTrait user interface
  1. Click it to select datafile exported from Katmandoo. User must select a XML-based datafile before you can perform any task in KollecTrait.
  2. Tabbed-Pages: Trial, Prep, Trait, Score and Misc
  3. Main Menu.
  4. Use Left rocker-buttons to move to the first the trial unit and Use Left rocker-buttons to move to the last the trial unit (but can be used only when Score Page is active).

Tech-spec of KollecTrait

Main Menu

Main Menu always has two menu items: New at the left-buttom-corner for quick task and another complete Menu at right-buttom-corner.

Illustrative snapshot for [ New ]:
  1. Click it to enter raw data.
  2. Click it to add new Sample type (enabled only when Misc Page is active).
  3. Click it to add new Trait (enabled only when Trait Page is active).
Illustrative snapshot for [ Menu ]:
  1. Click it to Edit/Delete/Deactivate Trait (enabled only when Trait Page is active).
  2. Click it to Edit/Delete/Deactivate Sample type (enabled only when Misc Page is active).
  3. Click it to show [ Search / Filter ] form which can be used to find trial units using Genotype, Pedigree or unit position.
  4. Click it to display form to show all the raw data for the current trial unit. 
  5. Click it to open datafile.
    If a datafile is already opened, then KollecTrait save existing data before opening another file.
  6. Force to save any changes done since last auto-save.
  7. Click it to archive raw data by renaming filename.rawdata to filename_ddmmyyyy.rawdata.
  8. Export into a CSV file that can be used to import raw data into Katmandoo.
  9. Info about KollecTrait.

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