File Types

Currently Fieldscorer4Android imports and exports using a comma-separated file format(.CSV).
Data is stored in an sqlite database file format, which can be access and modified using and external editor if necessary.
All image files are stored in the JPEG file format. Quality is dependant upon the camera built into the device.

Trial Files

Fieldscorer uses a flat file format so there needs to be unique values in each row of the combined SiteYear,SiteName,TrialTypeName,TrialNumber,Column and Row. These columns are not all required, though they are used to differentiate multiple trials within a single csv file.

System Columns used by the system are:

  • SiteYear (or Year)
  • SiteName (or Site)
  • TrialTypeName (or TrialType or Type)
  • TrialNumber (or Trialno)
  • Column (or Col or Range)
  • Row
  • Sown (or Planted, or DateSown, or DatePlanted, or Planting or SownDate, or TrialStartDate)
  • TrialUnitComment (or Comment, or Comments, or PlotComment)
  • GenotypeName (or Genotype, or cultivar, or variety, or entrynumber, or entry#)
  • GenotypeId (or GID)
  • Pedigree
  • ReplicateNumber (or Replicate, or Rep)
  • TrialUnitBarcode (or PlotBarcode or SampleEntryNumber, or PlotNumber, or Plot or PlotNo, or Plot#,)
N.b. Columns in bold are required for import.

An Example of a Trial File:

SiteYear SiteName TrialType TrialNumber PlotBarcode Column Row Replicate Genotype Pedigree Sown TrialUnitComment Trait1 Trait2
2013 Hermitage Characterisation 1 H12A.101.306B 101 306 1 G26 A/B 13/12/2013
2013 Hermitage Characterisation 1 H12A.101.307F 101 307 1 G27 A/C 13/12/2013

Importing Files

To add data to trial files, the file must be imported into the database. To import a trial file, open the File menu and select Import.

The import dialog will open appear and files can be selected to open. Multiple files can be imported at once by selecting more than one before pressing the import button. N.b. Importing files could take several minutes depending on the size and number of files and the speed of the device.

Opening Files

Once a trial file has been added to the database it can be opened by selecting the Open option from the file menu. There may be a short delay while the walk path sequence is generated. Opening a trial should jumpt to the first plot in the trial as determined by the walk path sequence.