Scoring Values

Because Fieldscorer uses a database, each score made is saved to the database whenever a change is made to a trait.

The keyboard on the scoring page has been designed to make data entry simple, but the devices built in keyboard can still be used for data input if preferred. When using the device keyboard the simple buttons can be displayed at the top of the scoring screen for progression to next the next/previous plot in sequence. The enter key or tab key will progress to the next trait in sequence. This feature also works when data is inserted with a barcode scanner as the value will be entered and Fieldscorer will automatically progress to the next trait in sequence. N.b. Newline characters are not accepted as data values as they corrupt the CSV file format on export. If using a barcode scanner please make sure that the newline and tab characters are not both set on the scanner as this will cause Fieldscorer to jump over traits by progressing twice. The auto progression length should not be set for traits scored using a barcode scanner

String traits

The default scoring type is a string with no validation. It provides a single text box for data entry and will accept almost any value, with the exception of some control characters.

String Traits

Numeric traits

Numeric traits appear the same as string traits, but they will only accept numeric values and "NA"

Days calculation traits

Days calculation traits are displayed with 2 text boxes.

The first box is for an offset from the current days date to what the values is. If scoring days to flower, -1 means flowering occurred yesterday, 1 means it will flower tomorrow, and 0 means that it is flowering tomorrow.

The second box is the value that will be stored in the database. It is calculated as the offset plus the number of days between the current day and either the date sown, January 1 or a custom column date based on the date settings. NA is also an accepted value.

Days Calculation Traits

Boolean Traits

Boolean traits provide true and false check boxes with both providing values. Alternative options to using the checkboxes are to create an integer trait with a validation of "0..1" or use a string trait with validation of either "1,0" or "TRUE,FALSE".

Boolean Traits

Read only traits

If a trait is set to read only from the trait dialog it will be skipped during auto progression and cannot be selected with tab or by tapping on it. The value can be edited to by using a long press on the trait name to bring up an editing dialog. This method can be used to edit any trait where the devices keyboard is needed for data input.

Invalid Values

If an invalid trait is entered because it is the wrong data type, or it does not fit the validation rule a message will alert the user that the trait is invalid when leaving current plot. This message displays the trait, the data type and the validation rule and prompts the user to either keep the value or edit the value. If the value is kept then Fieldscorer will not display that the value is invalid again for the current plot, unless the value is changed again. If Edit value is selected then the score will be highlighted so that the user can enter a valid value.

Boolean Traits

Date Stamping

If date stamping is set for a trait the date value will be stored into a column prefixed with "Date_". eg. the Date value for HGT would be stored in a column labeled Date_HGT.