Minimum Requirements


  • Android 2.2
  • Device screen size 3.7 inches or larger (may work on smaller screens)
  • zXing Barcode Scanner to use devices camera as a barcode scanner
  • A built in camera to take plot images
  • Bluetooth for connection to scales, probes, scanners etc.
  • Device screen size 4.3 inches or larger

The APK file

To install Fieldscorer4Android, either download the APK file using the device, or download it from another device and copy it to the android device.
NB. Some browsers convert the ".apk" extension to ".zip". If this occurs please change the extension back to ".apk" before coping to the device.

Once the APK file is on the device open the APK file using a file manager application. If a file manager is not on your device, there are plenty of free ones available.
You will need to ensure that the "Unknown Sources" option must be checked in the devices security settings to install the software. This option can be disabled once the application is installed.

Opening the application

Once installed the Fieldscorer Application Icon will appear under Apps.

Fieldscorer Icon