Exporting Data

Exported Data is in a flat file CSV file format, with each plot representing one row in the file. Additional instances will occur with a double underscore (Height,Height__2,Height__3) and date stamping will occure with a Date_ prefix (Date_Height).

To export data either select Save As from the file menu or Export Trials from the trial menu.

For a preview of the data to be exported, Preview Trial from the Trial Menu will generate an example of how the output should look.

Exporting trials will overwrite the existing CSV files with whatever data is in the database for that trial. If using a folder with Internet synchronization of files, please ensure that care is taken if files are shared across multiple devices. Once a CSV file is exported it can be edited and re-imported back into the database. Importing a file into a database that already contains the trial file will overwrite all data for that trial. A backup file is created whenever this occurs before the data is overwritten.

Most Android devices are now using the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) to transfer files to computers. The MTP has a danger of not showing the most current file size which can appear as data loss when transferring files off the device. Steps have been taken in Fieldscorer to prevent this issue, but if this occurs either turn the device off and on again, or install and application which rescans all media, and transfer the files again. Use of the Android Debug bridge or Internet syncronization can be used as alternate options for retrieving files,