Frequently asked questions

Where is the data stored when it is imported into Fieldscorer?

Fieldscorer stores data into an SQLite Database database file named FSDB.sqlite. On a standard device this is stored in the path "/mnt/sdcard", but this may vary from device to device. This file can be backed up by copying it to another location

Why are my plot pictures not saving?

Some devices force the layout to change when using the devices built in camera app which resets Fieldscorer after taking the picture, making it loose the connection image data. Disabling screen rotation in your devices settings may fix this issue. If this still fails you can use the built in camera dialog, just uncheck the Use External Camera App option in Additional Options for fieldscorer.

Why does the device's keyboard input not appear in the trait text box?

On some devices the Show Soft Input Keyboard needs option needs to be set to allow data entry via the soft input keyboard. This will cause the devices keyboard to be displayed whenever the trait text box is manually selected. Pressing back to hide the keyboard and use of Tab button will prevent the keyboard from being displayed for every trait.

When I copy a CSV from my device to my computer the bottom of the file is missing. Where has my data gone?

Most Android devices will connect to a computer using the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). MTP is designed for transferring media files which do not change in file size. If files change in size on the device the file indexing table becomes incorrect and MTP will only transfer what the original file size was, not what it is currently. Steps have been taken in Fieldscorer to ensure that the file size is re-indexed to prevent this issue, but if the file is modified outside of Fieldscorer then the file size may not be correct. To fix this issue, either run a media scanner application, or switch the device off and on again so that the file indexing table can be refreshed with the correct file size.

Does the dark background use less battery?

This depends on the type of device being used. OLED screens should use less power with the black background, but LCD screens will not.

Why is my Bluetooth device not listed in the Device name list when editing trait connection details?

To see a device in the list, Bluetooth must be switched on and the device must be paired prior to adding it in Fieldscorer.

Why do I get a database error when opening Fieldscorer on Android 6.0 or higher?

The Android permission system has been changed which impacts 2.15 and 2.16. To correct the error go to Settings->Applications (or Apps or Application Manager). Select Fieldscorer. Select Permission. Ensure all permissions are enabled (Camera, Location, Storage). The application should now open without error.