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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This FAQ is periodically updated using information in the Katmandoo discussion forum: http://www.katmandoo.org/forum


Does Katmandoo work with Windows Vista?

Yes. The current version Katmandoo2.2 has been tested on Windows 2000 SP 4 or later, Windows XP and Windows Vista as well.

Can Katmandoo use MySQL to store data?

Yes. Katmandoo can use either MySQL or SQL Server database to store data.

Please contact Katmandoo Team to obtain installation package for Katmandoo using MySQL.

What are the installation requirements?

Following software packages are installed by the Katmandoo installation package if they are not already installed in the computer.
SQL Server 2000 Database:
MySQL Database: SQL Server 2005 Database:
Please note Microsoft Excel 97 or later should be installed in the computer so that export / import features of Katmandoo can be used. To generate labels, it is recommended to use mail-merge feature of Microsoft Word 2003 or later which is not installaed by the Katmandoo installation package.

Can Katmandoo export/import data using Excel 2007?

Yes. But you need to install "2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components". Please click [ here ] to download the installation package. Once the file is downloaded to your computer, please run it to install so that you can use Excel 2007 to export/import data.

How to export in Excel 2007?
1. In the Export wizard, click on [ Change Export filename ] button to open Save Dialog box where you can select [ Excel 2007 (for Data Entry)] in [ File Type ].
2. Then click on [ Save] to return to Export Wizard. Then Click on [ Export ].

 Please note that the  extension of the file is "xlsm" ie "Excel 2007 file with Macro enabled".

How to import using an Excel 2007 source file?
1. Select [ Change Source file ] in the Import wizard to open Dialog box where you can select [ Excel 2007 (with Macro) ] or [ Excel 2007 (without Macro) ].
2. Select the file and following normal procedures to import data.

System files of Katmandoo

File Name Description
Katmandoo2.GUI.exe The main executable file of Katmandoo which is started when clicked in its icon.
Katmandoo2.GUI.exe.config The configuration file of Katmandoo. This XML based file can be modified to make changes that applies to all the sub-systems of Katmandoo. 
Katmandoo2.CommonGUI.dll The Graphical User Interface for Katmandoo.
Katmandoo2.BE.dll The data tables that are used in Katmandoo are defined in this component.
Katmandoo2.BF.dll This component handles security and validation of every data before passing them to Data Access Component.
Katmandoo2.DA.dll This is the only component that interacts with database server (SQL Server 2000/MSDE or MySQL), Excel and Katmandoo2.EA.exe.
Katmandoo2.EA.exe This is the only component that interacts with external applications such as DiGGer, MySQL, Statistical Software.
Katmandoo2.GCC.dll This components provides customised controls (such as datagrid, multi-column combobox etc) to Katmandoo2.CommonGUI.dll.
Katmandoo2.SF.dll This component contains the utilities that are used in all the components of Katmandoo.
Katmandoo2.UP.dll This component manage data for the Katmandoo2.CommonGUI.dll only.
dks.dll DiGGer dll file that is used by Katmandoo2.EA.exe


How to delete a database?


Follow the steps below to delete a SQL Server database (suppose KatmandooDemo):
  1. User must detach the database KatmandooDemo from its database server.
  2. Then delete the KatmandooDemo.mdf and KatmandooDemo_log.ldf from the database folder (eg C:\Program Files\Katmandoo\Database).

For MySQL, please use MySQL Administrator to delete the database.

How to change Database Login password in .config file?

Click here for step-by-step instruction.

How to upgrade database schema?

When user login, Katmandoo quickly checks whether the schema of the selected database (in the Login Form) should be upgraded or not. If it needs to be upgraded, then user must login as [ dba ] with valid password to upgrade schema of the database.. Otherwise you will not be able to login into Katmandoo.

To upgrade another database or to re-run upgrade task on already upgraded database, please click here to find detail instructions.

Loading of database name in Login form takes more time than in the past!

Comptact all the Katmandoo databases using [ Tools > Database > Compact Database ] to fix this issue.

User Interface

Why does Katmandoo have both Setup Forms and Import Wizards to add new data?

Setup Forms are used to add a single record using form in Katmandoo where as the import wizards are used to import records from an source file.

Setup Forms can be used to add any data in the database where as Katmandoo has limited import wizards.
For example, system users can not be imported using a source file. The user must be added using the User Setup Form.

System User

How do I reset [ dba ] password?

You should contact system administrator of Katmandoo to reset your password.

Click here for step-by-step instruction to reset [ dba ] password.

How do I change my password?

  1. Login to Katmandoo using your user name and password.
  2. Use [ Tools > Change my Password ] to change password.

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